Learning about waste management can be easy and interactive (Photo: Katri Lehtola)

Learning about waste management can be easy and interactive (Photo: Katri Lehtola)

For over a year the Turku University of Applied Sciences runs the waste management program WastED now. The program ranges from a general introduction to operators and responsibility as well as collection and transportation. WastED has meanwhile gained a high reputation and outstanding feedback:

When starting to write about waste collection, I really didn’t know where to begin. Mostly because here in Finland, waste collection is done so smoothly and efficiently that it is hardly noticeable. The resource collectors, or garbage trucks like they were called in the past, have regular routes where they show up, empty the garbage containers and drive away. And all that took only 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the amount of containers of course. This service caters to nearly every household and apartment, be they big or small, urban or rural. I live in the city in a 7-storey apartment building, my parents live in the countryside in their own house, but all the same, the garbage gets collected. Collection and transportation is only one of the things you can study with WastED – an online course designed by Turku University of Applied Sciences.

What happens to the garbage when it’s collected, then? Does it get piled up at an ugly and dirty dump? Oh no. Starting next year, 50% of municipal waste needs to be recycled. The recycled waste gets then either recycled to material, or burnt for energy.

In Finland, mixed waste doesn’t get separated anymore once it’s collected because it is considered dangerous to health. One solution to this could be robotics. A Finnish company called ZenRobotics has developed a recycling robot to sort it. After the initial installation costs, it is cheap, efficient and safe.

With innovations such as ZenRobotics backed up by a long tradition of keeping the country waste-free, Finland is racing ahead in green technologies. This expertise is now available for people all around the globe, with the Online University of Finland. WastED offers courses ranging from Communication to Hazardous waste. Or maybe you would like to learn more about an organization’s waste management to streamline your business? Maybe waste management just isn’t enough for you and you want to learn about waste treatment. You can do that, and learn to do it safely with WastED’s workplace safety courses.