Teaching the Finnish way in the classroom
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Emerging Trends in Education
Workload 30 hours
Field Pedagogy
Price 149 €

Teaching the Finnish way in the classroom


This course aims to give teachers an idea of how to make their teaching similar to how teachers in Finland do it. So, if you wonder how to teach like a Finnish teacher, you will eventually realize that by looking at their training you get the answer. Therefore, the approach of this course is based on a shared analysis of teacher education in Finland. By analyzing its objectives, characteristics, contents, structure, and evaluation methods we can identify our own areas for development that will take us closer to the Finnish way.


Upon completion, participants will:

  • Reflect on your own teaching-learning approach.
  • Know and apply participatory, collaborative, authentic, and student-centered methodologies.
  • Support students in achieving more meaningful learning.


During your progression in this course, you will experience an online adaptation of cooperative learning and authentic learning methodologies. The idea is that also through this online course, participants are able to experience the same methodologies used for teacher training in most universities of applied sciences in Finland.


  • Participants need to be able to read and understand English on an academic level. Should you require instructions, exercises and discussions to be held in a different language, please contact us.
  • For attending the course a high-speed internet connection is recommended.
  • A google account.
  • Basic media literacy skills (access, analyze, evaluate, and create media). Have basic knowledge of popular cloud services including email, word processing and presentation applications, spreadsheets, cloud storage, media streaming, and creation, etc (Google, Apple, Microsoft).
  • Currently, work in an educational institution or have experience in the field.
  • Good self-regulation skills and time management.
  • Have no prejudice or biases (racial, gender, religion). In online courses, it is expected to interact with people of all races, genders, and religion.


This courses requires around 30 studying hours. Since this is a self-learning course, participants can take it at their own pace.


This course has been created and is curated by certified Finnish pedagogy experts. Since it functions as an introduction into Finnish pedagogy, participants receive a completion certificate but no certification by an accredited Finnish university.