The secrets of Finland's education success
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Emerging Trends in Education
Workload 30 hours
Field Pedagogy
Price 149 €

The secrets of Finland’s education success


This course focuses on discussing the future of education in technology rich environments. What are the emerging trends? How are the paradigms of learning changing, or are they? What do the future learning environments look like? What is the role of teacher? What are our students like, how do they learn? How do the changes in students’ living worlds and learning environments affect their cognitive processes and learning?


On completion of this course, participants will understand

  • the structure of the Finnish educational system
  • the reasons for the success of the education in Finland
  • the way it is built and the strategies in place to support excellence in teaching
  • the role of the Finnish society and policy making


The course is conducted fully online. The language of instruction is usually English. The course includes:

  • self-learning material
  • interactive discussions
  • evaluated exercises


  • Participants need to be able to read and understand English on an academic level. Should you require instructions, exercises and discussions to be held in a different language, please contact us.
  • For attending the course a high-speed internet connection is recommended.


This courses requires around 30 studying hours. Since this is a self-learning course, participants can take it at their own pace.


This course has been created and is curated by certified Finnish pedagogy experts. Since it functions as an introduction into Finnish pedagogy, participants receive a completion certificate but no certification by an accredited Finnish university.