Emerging Trends in Education
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Emerging Trends in Education
Credits 2 ECTS
Field Pedagogy

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Emerging Trends in Education


This course focuses on discussing the future of education in technology rich environments. What are the emerging trends? How are the paradigms of learning changing, or are they? What do the future learning environments look like? What is the role of teacher? What are our students like, how do they learn? How do the changes in students’ living worlds and learning environments affect their cognitive processes and learning?


On completion of this module the participants will

  • will be able to recognize and discuss the main emerging trends in education
  • will be able to apply the obtained knowledge in planning of learning environments in facilitating students’ learning and in assessing their learning outcomes
  • will be able to take an active role in developing your own working environment by using the obtained knowledge and ideas in this activity


The course is conducted fully online. The language of instruction is usually English. The course includes:

  • live lessons in the virtual classroom
  • self-learning material
  • interactive group work
  • customized and evaluated exercises


  • Participants should be active school or university teachers.
  • Participants need to be able to read and understand English on an academic level. Should you require instructions, exercises and discussions to be held in a different language, please contact us.
  • Attending the course requires a high-speed internet connection, a headset and ideally a webcam.


The 21st Century Educators Postgraduate Certificate is a three module program worth a total of 30 ECTS credits.  This innovative fully online program offers concrete tools to support teachers’ professional growth in the rapidly changing world, and guide their journey to become “21st Century Educators”.


A certificate will be awarded to participants who have been present on the contact sessions and made the required assignments and projects. The program is equivalent to 10 ECTS which means 270 hours of work. As this course is part of the 21st Century Educators program of TAMK it can in combination with two other modules lead to the 21st Century Educators Postgraduate Certificate.

The program is provided by the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).