Should I choose a Free or a Premium Course?

Our Free Courses help you to easily and efficiently learn online on your own and are ideal for individual learners. They are free and open to join at any time. Our Premium Courses focus on the social aspect of learning, are personally facilitated and differ fundamentally from anything else you can find on the web.

Efficient learning online

Free Courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a great way of learning online on your own. We recommend them as an introduction for individual learners new to online learning. Unfortunately they have a high drop-out-rate since a majority of learners looses interest at some point and never completes the course they signed up for. The reason for that is that learners find it hard to stay motivated if they have to do all their learning purely with self-learning material and exercises. That is why our Premium Courses focus on the social aspect of learning. You learn together with others and under the guidance of a course facilitator in a group. According to recent statistics the Premium Courses provided by our university partners are being completed by over 90 percent of the participant.

learning pyramid

Social and collaborative

Our learning method is based on the concept of the so called flipped classroom. That means that as a learner you receive all the knowledge, the pure facts you need, from articles, videos and texts that you study at your own time. But then you come to the virtual classroom. Here you get to discuss in a small group with your classmates about those topics. And this is the place where the most important part of the learning process takes place. You get to discuss, agree or disagree, explain and argue. Moreover, you also keep in contact with your classmates and teachers also outside the classroom in discussion forums or just by sending them a personal message.