Introduction: WastED - Waste Collection and Transportation
Introduction: WastED - Waste Collection and Transportation

This course is free of charge

Introduction: WastED – Waste Collection and Transportation


This Open Course Introduction: WastED – Waste Collection and Transportation as well as the related Premium Course WastED – Waste Collection and Transportation introduce effective and innovative waste collection and transportation solutions with wide perspective. Also environmental and social aspects of waste collection and transportation are included. The courses consist of different video and lecture material, articles, interviews and assignements. The courses relay on Innovation Pedagogy INNOPEDA ® which for instance means interactive work – life orientated teaching methods. Discussions, brainstorming and team & individual assignments are part of the Premium Course. The objective of this free Open Course is to introduce the participant to different Waste Collection and Transportation methods and systems concentrating on cost-efficient and environmentally wise solutions. After completing the Open Course’s video lessons, reading the articles and taking the assignments, the participants are ready to continue to the Premium Course to deepen their knowledge of the subject and learn together with other participants around the world. Through the waste management training, the participants grow their subject matter expertise aiding them to manage waste better at their work which again makes the workplace safer and protects the nature better. Also the participant’s competitiveness in the work market will be strengthened.


Introducing different methods and solutions in waste collection and transportation

  • Collection equipment and methods (Introduction)
  • New innovative collection methods – Finnish/European style: Pipe collection, sensor technology, moloc, etc.


  • The language of instruction is English. Other languages are available upon request.
  • The course is conducted fully online.
  • The course includes self-learning materials and assignments including interaction with other participants.


  • No prior knowledge of the subject is required.
  • Participants need to be able to read and understand English. Should you require instructions, exercises and discussions to be held in a different language, please contact us.
  • Attending the course requires an internet connection.

The program is provided by the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS).