Developing as a Learner
Introduction: Developing as a Learner

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Introduction: Developing as a Learner


This assignment is part of your orientation to studies at the University of Applied Sciences (formerly called as Polytechnic). In the present assignment, you have a possibility to get to know more about your learning style and hopefully also receive some ideas how to develop yourself as a learner. Awareness of your individual learning style will help you, not only in independent self-study, but also in group and team assignments. You will find more about teamwork in the other parts of this orientation program, but let’s first focus on you as a learner. The assignment consists of three separate tests and their reflection. After completing each test, return back by clicking the arrow sign at the bottom of the test page. Since your results will not be saved in a database, write down your results and comments on a piece of paper before proceeding further. Afterwards discuss your results by answering the reflective questions. Consult your instructor how and in which form (e.g.reflective diary, logbook or portfolio) you are to report the answers to your teachers and peers.


  • Test your learning style and strategies
  • Reflection on results
  • Further information

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