There is one topic that always comes up when you mention Finland to non-Finns practically anywhere in the world: Education. Due to continuous outstanding results in international comparisons, the Finnish education systems has an outstanding reputation.

What it is that makes schooling in Finland so different and successful than elsewhere, remains a mystery for many. We want to change that and make the Finnish approach to education something that educators around the world should have access to.

The key to good education

To give you a first idea of the reasons for Finland’s education success are, we put together some of the key differentiators in a neat infographic. Feel free to share this post as well as the picture on its own.

Learn more about teaching and learning the Finnish way

Did you get excited to learn more about Finland’s approach to teaching? Then you might be interested in one of our Finnish Pedagogy Globally courses. Based on practical examples and engaging exercise they utilize the pedagogical ideas used in Finnish schools to teach you more about the education system, as well as teaching in the classroom and online.